Why should I partner with WebTechCFO?

Companies can fail to reach their potential without the guidance of an experienced CFO / Senior Financial Consultant. WebTechCFO provides Senior Management with the tools necessary to establish and achieve their goals. WebTechCFO imparts the advanced knowledge and expertise of a consultant with at least ten years of IT Finance experience, while limiting the cost and commitment of adding permanent staff.

Will my business receive personal attention in a timely manner?

Yes. WebTechCFO will schedule a free consultation with you within 24 hours of receiving a request for information. We seek long-term relationships with your company and are willing to spend time to foster these relationships. The decision to hire a project-specific, interim or part-time financial consultant is not an easy one. WebTechCFO welcomes the opportunity to help you determine if our services will meet your company's requirements. When you engage WebTechCFO as your CFO / Senior Financial Consulting solution, your primary contact will be with Brian Hastings, the Founder and Principal of WebTechCFO.

Will my proprietary information remain confidential?

Yes. WebTechCFO executes a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with all of its clients.

How does WebTechCFO work with clients nationwide?

During the initial telephone consultation, we will detail how WebTechCFO can improve your company's performance. Senior Management of IT and Web-based companies understand that it is no longer necessary for businesses and customers to be in the same room to transact business. Information is usually communicated between WebTechCFO and its clients via teleconference, text and e-mail. In addition, a member of the WebTechCFO team of associates meets with clients on-site as often as required.

Is my company too small for a Dashboard?

No. Even Pre-Revenue companies can benefit from a Dashboard. By understanding the drivers of every KPI, whether financial or operational, a well-crafted Dashboard can allow you to make timely, informed decisions to optimize your success.

How much is this going to cost?

Based on the initial telephone consultation, we will schedule an in-house meeting to have a more detailed discussion of your needs and to gain a general understanding of your operation (Financial Systems, Statements, etc.). WebTechCFO will then provide a Roadmap for your company, complete with detailed requirements, deliverables, timelines, and associated costs.